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Essential Oil Class

Suburb: Toowoomba

Are you sick of all the toxic chemicals that have taken over your cleaning cabinet??

Would you like to learn how to make alternative, cost effective and SAFE products that still clean your home?

The fourth level of our wellness pyramid is "Reducing Toxic Load" - it is the one thing you have total control over. Join us in the fun and informative session to learn how quickly chemicals affect us. Find out what you can make easily yourself to replace those nasties, save $$$ and still have a home that is safe, clean and sparkling.....

Come along and learn how to incorporate those beautiful smelling essential oils into products that will clean your floors, walls, bathrooms, bench tops, windows and most importantly be safe to use around your young children and pets.

What to bring: notebook, pen and any friends that may be interested.
Costs: $5 towards the hall hire.

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